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Cheryl Pitcher, Certified Life Coach

How many times have you imagined yourself launching out to reach new goals, lifestyle changes, better life choices, or decreasing unnecessary stress in your life?

You imagine what life would be like as the “new improved” you! Aww, in your mind it feels so good! However, when the dream meets reality, a week later you’re still staring at the same old you, the same challenges and the same stressors. 

Are you serious about becoming the new version you imagine?

  Is it going to take work? YEP.

  Is it going to mean doing things that are uncomfortable… at first? YEP.

 If change were easy, we would all be happy, fulfilled people, living our dream life! Change requires effort, but it starts by having a plan, flexibility, taking many small steps over and over again with someone to keep you focused so you don’t quit when things get tough.  Don’t be discouraged–CHANGE is within your reach!!

One decision at a time… or shall I say…. one micro-decision after another and you will be so excited about the growth you can achieve.

Choose one very small thing in your life you would like to change.  Be very specific how you will improve in this area.  Let me give you a simple example: 

Let’s just say you want to drink more water. You decide your new goal is to drink 8 glasses a day. Plan ahead by having 8 bottles of water that are handy to get to, then set your phone/watch alarm to go off every 30 minutes and take a very large drink. 

The alarm goes off…you take several big drinks! Simple right? Guess what, by the end of the day you will have reached your goal.  Keep doing this over and over and you will build in a new habit of drinking throughout your day and your body will love you for it.  In addition, you will become more active too!  The side benefit to drinking more water is that you just built in more movement in your day because you will visit the restroom more frequently.  As you take this stroll, be mindful to slowly breathe deeply 3 times, stretch up in the air and down toward the ground and your mind and body will thank you for that too. This simple concept can work for food, thoughts, feelings and more.

Major changes can take place in your life as you embrace this simple method. Tune in again and we will talk more about learning the skills of building Healthy Habits into your life and relationships.