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Generalized Anxiety (Worry)

Do you struggle with excessive anxiety and worry about day-to-day activities. Do you have a difficult time controlling worry? Does your worry occur more days than not? Do you experience muscle tension (including headaches, neck stiffness, tightness in shoulders), sleep disruption, irritability, and difficulty concentrating? If so, you may be struggling with chronic worry, also known as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).

GAD is an anxiety disorder that affects roughly 6.8 million individuals in any given year. Many people with GAD tend to reinforce the worry cycle by maintaining positive beliefs about the consequences of worry (e.g., “I prevent bad things from happening when I worry”) which creates more worry and distress. Additionally, people who struggle with worry report having a difficult time staying in the present moment and often engage in a number of worry behaviors as futile attempts to feel better such as checking the internet for symptoms, seeking reassurance from loved ones, and avoidance of situations that may trigger worry.

Fortunately, CBT is the gold standard treatment for chronic worry and the clinical staff at KY-CARDS is trained to provide you with structured, time-limited treatment for your worry symptoms. For more information on GAD, please visit https://adaa.org/understanding-anxiety/generalized-anxiety-disorder-gad and see the media from our clinical staff below.

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