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Doctoral Trainees

Clinical Assistants and Doctoral Trainees

Nicholas Inclan, B.S.

Nicholas Inclan is a practicum student at KY-CARDS. He is currently in his last year of master’s coursework at Liberty University in Clinical Mental Health Psychotherapy. Nicholas holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Liberty University in computational and behavioral science, with a focus in psychology and scientific research. Nicholas’ primary psychotherapeutic orientation is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with a strong focus on the psychotherapeutic relationship. He believes that the psychotherapeutic relationship is the most significant factor in a successful psychotherapeutic outcome. Nicholas’ philosophy of human development is multidimensional, aligning with the biopsychosocial- spiritual model as he believes all dimensions of human development are important factors in one’s psychological development and mental health.

Michaela Rivera

Michaela Rivera is a doctoral trainee at KY-CARDS. She is currently in her final year of coursework at Spalding University in the PsyD program, working towards a doctorate in clinical psychology. Michaela obtained a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Eastern Kentucky University and a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at Spalding University. Michaela has gained years of experience in treating anxiety and related disorders for children, adolescents, and adults. Michaela received psychotherapy and psychological assessment training for one year at a local middle school where she worked with students who experienced a variety of mood-related disorders that co-occurred with extensive trauma histories. She has gained an additional year of training at the Indiana University Southeast Counseling Center where she conducted therapy with a diverse range of students presenting with anxiety-related disorders, histories of trauma, depression, and substance use concerns. Michaela values the importance of utilizing the therapeutic relationship between the therapist and client while implementing the evidence-based CBT model.

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