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Tic Disorders

Tics (TS) are characterized as a neurobiological disorder, typically beginning in childhood, that includes motor and vocal tics. These tics can range from single motor tics (eye blinking, mouth movements, shoulder shrugging) to complex motor tics (facial expressions, gyrating, foot movements, head gestures) as well as simple vocal tics (noises such as coughing, throat clearing, animal noises) to complex vocal tics (words, echolalia-repeating what others say). Tics are relatively common in children, affecting roughly 12-18% of youth. Roughly 50% of those struggling with TS also have ADHD and 50-90% of persons with TS manifest obsessive-compulsive behaviors. Tics tends to have a negative impact on social relationships, academic and occupational functioning. As such, treatment is necessary to assist with decreasing the functional impairment that is often associated with tics.

The clinical staff at KY-CARDS provides effective, time-limited treatment for tics. Treatment of tics is relatively brief (roughly 11 sessions) and includes several components of behavioral therapy including psychoeducation, habit reversal training (HRT), and other treatment ingredients. For more information on tics, please click here.

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